From the Student Art Curatorial Committee

Announcing some exciting, long-anticipated news!

The new student gallery in the Tache complex will be showing student artwork soon! The student gallery committee met for the first time today, so we're still sorting out how the gallery will function... but in the meantime:

Heads up! We will be sending out a Call for Proposals at the end of next week... and then the deadline for submitting proposals will be November 3.

We know it's very soon, but we want to get student artwork up in the gallery as quickly as possible. So if you have work to show in a solo show, or if you have a group show in mind, please consider submitting a proposal. We suggest that during this next week, you think about what you will propose, and how it will fit into the gallery (take a look at the gallery if you haven't already! It's in the new Tache music addition, on the 100-level, in the long hallway by the stairs - it's so new it doesn't have an address), so that you're more prepared when our Call comes out next week.

A few other things to know now: the gallery will show undergraduate and graduate work, solo and groups shows, and will feature a range of mediums and content areas, and from a broad variety of demographic groups. Also, there will be more Calls for Proposals to show artwork this academic calendar year... this isn't your only chance to submit! It's just a start.

Questions? You can wait for the Call for Proposals, coming next week! Or you can contact one of your SoA Student Gallery Committee members:

Mahri White, Julian Kirchmann, Julia Wake, Breanne Siwicki, Sarah Ciurysek (Faculty representative), David Foster (Chair)

Looking forward to seeing your work up in our lovely new gallery!

About Gallery

Located in Tache Arts Complex-T2, the Student Gallery (yet to be named) will function to showcase the work of undergraduate and graduate students at the School of Art.

The Gallery will operate by way of a committee, known as the Student Art Curatorial Selection Committee. This committee is made up of 5 members:

The Committee is chaired by the SoA Director (or Designate)

2017 Student Art Curatorial Committee

A detailed working plan for the Gallery is not yet formed. When the Student Art Curatorial Committee decides on

Please consult the below Terms of Reference to learn about the Undergraduate Member positions. This position is refreshed each year, in spring, prior to the SOFA SA Council elections.

Terms of Reference for “Student Art Curatorial Selection Committee Member”

To find the Gallery, roam around the new Tache Arts Complex-T2 or consult this diagram Tache Arts Complex-T2 MAP The Gallery is listed as room T1-158H.